DarkFlash DLT23 2 इन 1 मल्टीफंक्शनल स्टैंड 

उत्पाद का परिचय

Multifunctional 2 in 1 Stand: A multifunctional product with two kinds of stands.

  1. Phone stand: Phone and tablet can use simultaneously.
  2. Laptop stand: Designed for laptop, computer and tablet.
    Special structural with patent design combine two independent products together, it can carry conveniently and have beautiful shapes 2 in 1 Multifunctional Stand is an absolutely comfortable and humanized product, can use different mobile device together anytime

उत्पाद सुविधाएँ

  1. Laptop stand, smart phone and tablet stand can use simultaneously or independently.
  2. The Smartphone stand has four height adjustable, and four-stage visual angle adjustment stands can put multiple smartphones and tablets.
  3. Laptop stand has six height adjustable angles, special design for cooling knobs can improve the stability, special patent design of NB holder in the middle won’t interfere typing makes it easy to operate the notebook computer, this product is suitable for different size of laptops and gives you the best comfortable experience.
  4. Foldable stand in a portable thin size for easy carry and travel.

पैकेज सामग्री

डीएलटी23 1SET
संग्रहण झोला 1PCS
उपयोगकर्ता पुस्तिका 1 पीसीएस

उत्पाद विशिष्टता

आवेदन For 10″~17″  laptop and all kinds of smartphones and tablets
सामग्री एबीएस प्लास्टिक
Speciflcation 262 x 70 x 43.5 मिमी
फोन स्टैंड 150x 70 एक्स 15mm
लैपटॉप स्टैंड 262x 70 एक्स 32.5mm

Smart Phone Stand

लैपटॉप स्टैंड

ऑपरेटिंग निर्देश

A. Split of the product:

  1. Take out product.
  2. Remove the mobile phone holder from the laptop holder by pressing the method A-C as shown in the flgure.

B. Combination of the product:

  1. Figure D: Snap the button hole on the bottom of the phone holder to the buckle of the laptop
  2. Figure E: Then push the phone holder to the end.
  3. Figure F: Completed to combine of the product

Operating Instruction-Phone Stand

  1. Figure G: Flip open the upper and lower cover from the groove of the phone stand.
  2. Figure H, I: Open the inner holder and adjust angle to a suitable and comfortable viewing angle to snap into the slot.
  3. Figure J: Open the holders and put on your smartphones and tablets.
  4. Figure K, L, M, N, 0: For various usage with all kinds of scenar

Operating Instruction-Laptop Stand

  1. Pull out the stand to the left and right picture
  2. Flip up and down at the grooves on the laptop stand on both sides. picture 2
  3. Open the holders on the left and right side and take out the cooling knobs.
  4. Put the angle adjustable into the groove (adjust freely according to required angle)
  5. Put the cooling knobs into tracks and adjust to the best position that you need
  6. Rotate the holder to maximum (90 degrees), and user can adjust the holder according to the thickness of laptop and press it to the best position.

पर्यावरण का उपयोग करना

  1. लैपटॉप
  2. गोली
  3. स्मार्टफोन

दस्तावेज़ / संसाधन

DarkFlash DLT23 2 इन 1 मल्टीफंक्शनल स्टैंड [पीडीएफ] स्थापना गाइड
DLT23 2 इन 1 मल्टीफंक्शनल स्टैंड, DLT23, 2 इन 1 मल्टीफंक्शनल स्टैंड, मल्टीफंक्शनल स्टैंड, स्टैंड

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